ValoisFelts started on the 26th June 2015.

Hello, I’m Lelia! A fibre and mixed media artist based in Norfolk in the UK.

I’ve been in love with handcrafting since I was a little girl when my Mum and I would have a blast entering the yearly egg decorating competitions at school. Now I continue to find joy in creating creatures and artistic work expressing the beauty of the natural world, inspiration to be found in history and fairytales and delight in the weird.

I am a self taught needle felting artist and have developed a love for many materials and assemblage techniques which get incorporated into my work. Art connects us and can be a celebration of our pleasures and passions – it is always my goal that people feel this connection with my pieces and that they can bring joy and senses of empowerment.

As well as fibre art I also love writing fiction, making up stories for the creatures I create and also hosting online markets to support other artists. Friday 13th Market Nights celebrates lovers of the alternative, macabre and gothic and runs every Friday 13th. You can find more information at


Email with any enquiries.